Information for Individuals Seeking Admission

New clients are admitted to the clinic on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings only between 6:00 - 7:00am on a first-come first-served basis. Recent readmission and transfer clients may be admitted on Fridays. An individual seeking admission must be in some mild withdrawal when they arrive at the clinic. We recommend not using opiates for 12-24 hours prior to arrival. Also, early arrival is recommended because the clinic only accepts a limited number of new clients on a given morning. Intake and initial adjustment takes several hours as it includes evaluation and observation of the client. Some clients benefit from multiple dosages if the initial dosage is inadequate to suppress withdrawal.

Admission to the clinic is not guaranteed and is dependent on the doctor's evaluation of the individual's addiction and the appropriateness of methadone treatment. Again, potential admissions are strongly recommended not to use any heroin or other opiates for 24 hours prior to their initial evaluation as staff must be able to document signs of withdrawal. In addition, it is not safe to start methadone if the client is still under the influence of opiates.

What to bring with you to be admitted:

l The initial evaluation currently costs $100 and must be paid in cash or money order on the morning of the admission. Former clients who wish to be readmitted to the clinic, as well as transfer clients, are eligible for a reduced initial evaluation fee.

l A valid Texas state issued driver's license (certain other forms of photo identification may be accepted, such as passports or Texas state prison ID cards).

l Any medical or prescription records relating to the individual's history of addiction, including prescriptions or pills currently used.

l If you have no valid Texas-issued state ID, please bring in an ID from another state, expired ID(s), other picture ID(s), Social Security card, birth certificate, any recent medical records, TDC papers, etc.